Manchester United are interested in signing Benfica’s Ronaldo as Ronaldo

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Manchester United are interest in signing Benfica Ronaldo as Ronaldo.

Premier League giants Manchester United have confirm to be interested in signing Benfica striker Gonzalo Ramos. As reported by UFABET

The report, from website Givemasport. Adds that the reason the Red Devils are interest in the 22-year-old. Because they want to replace Cristiano Ronaldo. There is news to move the team since the past summer.

The 37-year-old veteran striker reported to Erik ten Hag almost a month later than his team-mates during pre-season after news broke that he was working for an agent. To walk about transferring the team With the goal of wanting to play in the UEFA Champions League. But in the end, he still had to continue his career at Old Trafford as a substitute.

Meanwhile, United are reportedly trying to find a new striker as a replacement for Ronaldo, as Ronaldo’s contract expires at the end of the season. Most recently, the name of Ramos was involve.

Reports say Gonzalo Ramos is an interesting player and United need a striker with a thirst to make a name for himself. But the cost is not too high, which the Benfica shooting star is an interesting option for them.

The current situation of the team Eric Ten Hag is going well. They have won their last four Premier League games, while Ronaldo’s status remains on the bench for Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial.