Leboeuf denies defending Trent at Championship level

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Leboeuf denies defending Trent at Championship level.

Ex- Chelsea defender Franck Leboeuf has pointed out that Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold’s defensive play is ” championship level only” after he was criticized. Heavy during the opening of the Premier League season.

The Reds’ full-back has started the new season with a drop in form of play. He was seen as exhausted on the field and without the same dedication, especially in defense that has become a weakness for opponents to break into goals several times.

LeBeouf has come out in an interview about this. It has said that although Trent is a defender with an excellent attacking game, but his defense is still only level. The Championship only

“Look at Trent Alexander-Arnold, I love this player. especially his offensive quality. But defensively, he can only do it at the championship level.”

“Only Jurgen Klopp’s system works for him. And when this season it doesn’t work What you see is his defensive flaw.”

“I would like to bring him to practice Abic with me. I want to say ‘Just turn around and look behind you. It just gets better,'” said the former Chelsea defender.

Franck Leboeuf says Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold has been defensively poor and seems to have the same quality as a player at his level. The Championship