Obi Mikel retires from professional football at the age of 35

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Obi Mikel retires from professional football at the age of 35.

Jon Obi Mikel, former Chelsea midfielder and Nigeria national team became another person who decided to retire from football at the age of 35

The 35-year-old midfielder plays for Kuwait FC, a club in Kuwait. It’s the last club of its own. But after playing for only four months, he decided to cancel his contract and announce his retirement from professional football. It is an announcement via social media messages.

“It must be time to say “Every good thing it’s time to end” and for my career as a player. It’s time today Looking back over the past 20 years, I have to say that I am absolutely delighted with everything that has happened. every success And it made me a better human being. But all that would never have happened without the support of family, managers, clubs, coaches, teammates. And of course the fans are always great. I want to thank you very much.”

Obi Mikel made his name as a talented young midfielder at Norwegian club Lynn, before becoming a major controversy when Manchester United and Chelsea snatched him, which Chelsea eventually joined him. Work too, and in 11 seasons with the team, Mikel won in all competitions including the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League, one at a time.