Turmeric, a Thai herb, nourishes the lungs, heart, prevents cancer

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Top turmeric nourishes the lungs, heart, prevents cancer

Turmeric is a well-known herb that cures flatulence and flatulence, so many people carry it with them to eat after heavy meals. But the truth is that turmerics is one of the best herbs. That can help with many things. Importantly, it helps prevent cancer as well.

and to get the maximum benefit from turmerics It has been found that eating turmeric at different times. It will have different properties in care, maintenance and protection. 


It’s the time of the lungs. Eating turmerics in time will help maintain healthy lungs. and also prevent uterine cancer Including taking care of the respiratory system and allergies 


It’s bowel time. Eating turmerics will help restore the nerve endings of the intestines. make excretion normal Prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids. and colon cancer


It’s stomach time. Eating turmerics at this time will reduce flatulence, flatulence and nourish the brain, prevent memory loss. 


is the time of the spleen Eating turmerics during this time is a waste of water. Relieve symptoms of diabetes, gout 


is the time of the heart Turmerics will enter to nourish the heart to be strong. 


bladder time Help the digestive system causing the body to excrete a lot of toxins 

After 5 p.m. until bedtime

Eating turmeric during this time will help nourish memory, excretion and wake up without fatigue.

Allergic to turmeric!

And although turmerics has many advantages however, it may cause an allergic reaction. Those who are allergic to turmerics will experience nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. headache and insomnia If there are such symptoms, you should stop eating right away. 

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